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"My sessions with Rachel have brought me a sense of balance and closeness to self that ripples throughout my life. I felt implicit trust and confidence in her guidance and care immediately and experience the sensation of a wave of restorative energy washing over me as soon as I set foot in this space every week. There is a profoundly gentle power in Rachel's work, if you are seeking this kind of alignment you literally could not find yourself in better hands." -Siobhan

"Rachel helped me tap into a deep root that I've been removing so many layers from. So much energy was released that I was carrying from others. Judgment towards myself and others. I have had so much open up since yesterday. I am able to track my triggers without confusion and spiraling out emotionally. Rachel really helped me break through to the next level of being I've been working towards. It feels so good to remove the dead hand from my heart!!!
🌟 " - Florence

A sketch of Florence's vision from her session:

"I am so grateful for my weekly sessions with Rachel! Working with the vagus nerve to process emotions and sensations that felt physically stuck has been a huge healing breakthrough for me. Rachel's calming energy and presence allows the space for whatever arises in the moment and has helped me understand how to begin listening to my body and releasing without overthinking. It is so helpful to be guided through this. I think anyone could benefit from this work!" - Joelle

"I found Rachel in the midst of severe chronic back pain at an early age. I was just about to go into surgery for the condition, and I was struggling to connect the dots between my back pain, my life experiences, and my daily practices. Rachel was and continues to be a highly skilled, kind, generous, and intentional in guiding me through important reflections that brought wellness into my life. I feel like my movements through life are more intentional and sustainable." - Navid, LMFT


“Rachel is a kind and gentle healer. Her natural intuition makes her a wonderful guide. Rachel helped me tap into memories, carried by my physical body, and internal trauma of my multiple abdominal surgeries. I left felt calm, grounded and at peace." - Stephanie

"I've begun to view the work Rachel and I do together in our sessions as layering and compounding - in the way that beads are strung together one at a time to create a necklace, the healing effects of these continued sessions grow in this journey towards wholeness." - Tomie
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