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IN PERSON  (Los Angeles)

Somatic Release & PsychoNeuroEnergetics 

A 90 minute somatic session of combined SRT & PNE includes sensation tracking and verbal unwinding (guided discussion) while acupressure points are stimulated and held for 40-60 minutes. Clients also learn self-regulation vagal techniques to bring home with them and practice. 

$175 @Templework LA Mon+Tues+Thurs 3-8:30pm 

$200 House calls

As the long-lasting benefits of this work can be seen & felt over time and multiple sessions, I now offer package deals for clients committing to 6 consecutive sessions. What would be a $1050 total you can purchase for $950. 

ZOOM  (International)

Somatic Release & PsychoNeuroEnergetics 

A 60 minute virtual somatic session of SRT within a PNE framework (without the physical point holding) involving sensation tracking, verbal unwinding, polyvagal exercises and personalized self-regulation techniques.


Somatic Dreamwork

A 60 minute virtual somatic + dreamwork session working with either one dream or a series of consecutive dreams. A session involves tuning into the felt sense of the body using somatic and polyvagal techniques combined with Jungian-informed dream analysis with the intention of merging the unconscious and the conscious, the mind and body, ultimately gaining deeper insight into the whole Self, and movement of any stagnant energy. Clients receive personalized 'dream notes' emailed to them after each session. 


I have a limited number of
sliding scale spaces for those navigating difficult financial circumstances. Please let me know in your inquiry below. 

Payments are made by cash or Venmo: @RachelNagelberg 


Please note that I operate with a 48 hour cancellation notice. Limited weekly sessions are first come, first serve, and fill up fast, and it is essential that clients waiting for appointments receive their deserved time, as well as myself. Respectfully, if it is possible to reschedule the same week, I will happily waive this policy. If not, you will be charged half-rate. 


All information shared during sessions remains strictly confidential between client and practitioner.


All sessions include a free phone consultation. At minimum, I require each client to fill out a detailed intake & release form for trauma-screening purposes prior to their first session. 


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