Lactic Breakfast Specials and a Sentient Flesh Blob


I worked at this restaurant with a snaking long line out the door; we made complex egg breakfast sandwiches that involved us taking out our breasts and lactating on the sandwiches(!!!). I was shocked and asked the girl currently lactating on an open-faced sandwich, How does she do that? And she said You can train your body to; it’s not hard; the body has it’s own innate intelligence that’s much grander than ours—you just have to go through the motions. Then she went on to describe how she’s been eating her own lactate for years! I wondered where I hadn’t learned that eating your own breast milk was healthy.

Later, or before (ie. at some point) I released this skin colored sentient blob made in a lab outside at night by opening a window of this house where a group of unknown people were collecting human specimens and testing this experimental drug on them which was administered to the back of their neck through a vaccine hidden in a wall (someone was lifting the vaccines up outside using long poles and slamming them into this small hole to get deep into the neck) and I was terrified of the pain. My name was Thomas, or Jeffrey, and they hadn’t gotten to me yet—the line was backed up. No one knew why we were chosen, or there, possibly kidnapped...