The Swarming, Hooved Outside Entering In


Taupes and browns. I was living in a large carpeted apartment with my Asian boyfriend. It was expensive. We were fighting. We had a fight out in a store/mall? I shrieked for him to pack up his stuff and move out by the following day. He said okay. He left. I was freaking out about the rent. My parents were coming to visit. My mother was Sarah Jessica Parker. They arrived while I was half-dressed—I ran out to meet them and ran past them to alert my ex’s family about something? Right before their arrival, this seagull had been trying to fly through a half-open grate located at the bottom of the wall of my living room. I watched it from afar—it was a normal thing—animals getting caught in it but never succeeding at getting inside. The seagull smacked into it; its oversized belly swelling through the cracks—until the grate broke and the seagull burst inside! They swarmed, the seagulls, but they transformed into pigs/hooved creatures that scraped me with their horns/nails as they passed by. I was terrified. I had cuts all over my body.

S left gifts on my bed—a long, dick-shaped baguette and a pillow shaped like a vagina. I thought them such nice, thoughtful gifts! There was also a large burgundy cheap satin pillow.

My parents arrived and sat on a sofa. I only recall my mom as Sarah Jessica Parker. She was angry i had made the quick decision to kick my boyfriend out, but I knew I had to. I rushed to find another roommate. I briefly thought it possible to afford the apartment myself, but then I didn’t…

Rachel NagelbergComment