The Strength to Leave the Ground


J and I were outside in a grassy field reading by the side of a building. It was sunny and warm. Suddenly this guy-girl emerged from behind the building and started threatening J. (I think I was reading my own book.) J and I stood up and began to walk away, but the he-she started to follow us with an aggressive attacking energy. Right then is when I knew I needed to concentrate really hard, look up, and burst into the sky. And I did! I blasted off using all of my energy and flew into the sky, soaring above the building and the trees. Then it was just me and the attacker, now solely a woman. (J had disappeared, or was out of the scene.) I recall her writing down the name of my book for her to order when she got home. Perhaps I’d proven something to her? Though I knew she was still dangerous. At some point I landed, and then flew again—I had awoken some sort of inner power…

Rachel NagelbergComment