Descending Jelly Tendrils at the Edge of the City


I deliberately drive through a red light. 

I was pregnant with J’s baby, but was instead forced to marry N, a woman who I knew, and with whom I discussed her likely resentment towards my ease of getting pregnant (she had been trying for some time). At some point J and I went shopping for discount home supplies. 

I was driving and hungry; I approached a strange decrepit carnival at the bottom of a dark canyon at the seemingly edge of the city. It was composed of tall, dark old-worldly type buildings with large red Chinese characters on their facades, and the “park” was full of tourists. 

In this park there was a “ride” where I watched two people kneeling on a raised open platform as two long thin yellow and blue jelly-like tendrils descended from the high ceiling and into their mouths like candy that they sucked on and became part of this living game/structure. I was on the platform with them and then I hopped off just in time.