Tightrope through a Turbulent Sea


P, L, and some others were riding in a huge gray van going somewhere we knew, but suddenly we drove off this ledge that was supposed to have a ramp, but it didn’t, and we flipped as if in slow motion many, many times over, landing vertically on the headlights. We stayed there for a few seconds praying not to tip the wrong way, but ended up tipping back the right way—we fell what seemed like hundreds of feet! I recall trying to text Jamie that we'd been in an accident and that we were okay, but the buttons on the phone weren't working properly and only gibberish emerged on the screen in bizarre inkly illegible text. Soon enough, we were all on this tightrope stretched out into the distance though a turbulent sea; it was shaking violently. P was in a speedo, and at one point put his arm around me to try to help slide along with me, but then I was alone and nearly falling off, and L reached out to try to help me because I desperately called her to, which she did to an extent but still I was shaking along with the violent tightrope, unable to gain a steady balance, filled with fear.