Julien & Helix


I gave birth to two boys, one by one. My mother delivered them. They nearly fell out of my body it was so loose and goopy. They took the babies away. Later I would ask my mother if she cut me during the births since they were painless and she said yes she had to make a little slit but she’d sewn it up nice and tight and I would fully recover—I’d have sex again! I was too afraid to look. Later I was asking the couple what names we would name the babies—we could bring them home on Saturday, two days from today! The other mother (I was in a relationship with a couple, apparently?) and I discussed. I wanted the name Julien, which she liked. The husband wanted something like Helix but didn’t have any reason why but because it sounded cool. I was feeling very strange, that it would be hard to share the children. Who were these people? It was like I was experiencing amnesia.