A Submerged, Jammy Horror Date


It was like everyone was participating in a film that was already written, but everything was still surprising. It was pitch black at night and I was at some group event and met some very attractive powerful guy who chose me and we escaped the event and from a moving trolley saw a bunch of people swimming in their underwear in an overflowing pool and I realized I was already in my underwear and I dived in, but chaos ensued and beneath the water I was shot at with mini bullets in the back of my legs and butt and back and neck and head and I realized it was my date with the gun and I also realized I wasn’t dead, so I somehow got the gun and shot him in the head but he wasn’t dead either; I spent the rest of the dream trying to escape him. At one point I made it to a car with my friend but he appeared everywhere outside  of the car blocking us and we couldn’t escape. Then I watched him board a bus in front of us and he released a weapon via scent that kills people and I watched my friend Lyndsey collapse banging on the back of the bus and then he pulled her back by her feet and she disappeared. Then I was at this huge arena baseball game looking for my brother to give him a birthday card that was shaped like a peace sign made of pink glitter and everyone who worked there was acting foreboding about me finding him and I passed someone on the lower levels who was my student and he told me I was doing a really good job so far (teaching/managing?) and then I reached the lower level and my boss was sitting at a picnic table and looked up and gave me the look like what are you doing here? You should be working? And she pointed behind me and my brother was walking towards me and I gave him the card. Then we were at a show and I applied lipstick the color and consistency of strawberry jam and it looked like whiskers on my face. My friend Audrey was there we were going to an event and they were all drunk. The rest fades away.....

Rachel NagelbergComment