Toxic Orations / The End of the World


There was a secret natural sauna under the cliffs you could get to by walking into a door from the beach into the side of the mountain--they were natural mineral baths and smelled sulfuric, and this girl lead me to her favorite one (there were thousands in the dark caves), an enclosed steamy room with a pew and seats and people writhing in them, shaking, screaming to God. I sat next to this young hipster-looking guy who was convulsing, feeling a quickly approaching doom, when this evil man with long raven black hair entered in and began preaching foreboding sermons, and the smells got nearly toxic, and I knew something bad was going to happen--we would suffocate, so I ran outside and escaped.

Later, these ships that were docked off of the cliff would explode, one of them causing about 250K tons of some dangerous fluid to leak into the sea, missing me by a hair as I climbed a scaling tree at the edge to miss a tsunami-size oncoming explosion of water. Soon a woman arrived and I grasped her, clutching her that we were alive. She didn't seem phased, or emotional at all. I called my father to tell him I was still alive. He said it was the biggest explosion since...

Rachel NagelbergComment