Crotchless Ego / So "L.A."


Ariella and a girlfriend of hers in her art class were trying to sell me underwear shaped like a sports bra that one wore on her hips like a miniskirt, but Ariella couldn't understand my issues with having an open crotch area under my skinny jeans. I was worried she'd be mad at me for not purchasing them because she'd just bought a copy of my book from me for 150 dollars, in which her partner Gray was stenciling and spray painting a portrait of himself. Outside it was pitch black and stormy and I was running around tall buildings in the middle of a giant city center. Rushing around a particularly labyrinthine segment, I was startled by an enormous purple-flowered tree in the distance, which came at me forcefully and thrust me back onto the wet cold concrete as its branches lunged out at me out from behind the building ahead like grasping dead hands! A skunk appeared and I was shouting, "No, no please no!" I think I was trying to make a train, to see someone important? To escape? But now I was trapped....


Rachel NagelbergComment