Tiny House Demon


This little black-boy-demon-child road around in his tiny house on wheels--so tiny, maybe two feet long and two feet high, and very elaborately constructed, with arches and molding and roof tiles... Me, I was kind of lost in a dark city with my friend, and there was the premonition of danger, knowing that this tiny house was on the road somewhere, and that it would soon find me. I'd seen it before, and had run away from it every time it approached, but had been able to watch from a third POV perspective the demon child emerge and attack its victims. It was so dark outside. I left my friend knowing I would have to be alone to draw in the tiny house demon, even though I was so scared and didn't want to, but something was leading me through the motions. I climbed up onto a raised platform. Suddenly the tiny house pulled up and the scary evil demon boy emerged and started to try to get up on the platform. I was trying to fight him off, but he was grabbing me everywhere, and I knew he was about to rape me. Then I awoke.

Later another freaky dark landscape. I was hanging out and texting with the lead singer of Blink182, who was sending me very bizarre picture messages of his own house-demons. Later I recall being pressed up against a wall in a room where all my friends and family were sleeping by this really, really tall naked man who was trying to stick his enormous dick in me. I recall perhaps wanting it, but also being very afraid.

Rachel Nagelberg1 Comment