80's Warehouse Choreography


M and I are in a warehouse(/department store?) when there's a blackout power outage. Suddenly my friend "Joy" with blue hair runs in all ecstatic, screaming my name, appearing and disappearing in the shadows. We follow her outside (it's nighttime and the city is post-rain glistening), and she paces around (she's manic--possibly on drugs), telling me about her dream, which she says distinctly mapped out this complexly choreographed 80's music video dance, which she begins to perform before us. M is upset and annoyed and begins to talk shit about the dance, but I cut him off and tell him to walk around the block and leave us for a bit. Pissed off, he leaves. Then Joy begins to teach me (and our friends, who suddenly appear) the dance. The tone is funny, light, and sort of drunken-feeling. Other friends of ours walk by, laughing and pointing--did they think this was silly? This was not silly--this was important. This was real art. Downloaded from a dream.