Glass House - O the Allegory!


M and I lived in this big house with a huge glass wall that looked out into the woods/lawn. It began as daytime. We had a dog and also cats and there was a small hole in the middle/bottom of the glass that the animals could shrink down and burrow through and emerge outside into the lawn to play. Then nighttime it begins to get chilly and I want to stop the cool breeze from the hole and also the animals are escaping without us wanting them to be outside and also bugs are getting in so I try putting one of M's paintings over it but from the outside there is this huge gap. Now also I'm scared because I see people walking by looking in--first a mother and her daughter come right up to the glass and are peering in cautiously and then a thin black woman dressed very artsy in a lot of colors with a very serious solemn fearful expression. M seems to be unaware of them and then he so beautifully suggests that we try to gather the broken pieces of shattered bits of glass and put them back together into a beautiful mosaic to go back in the hole. But we both know the pieces are too small and sharp to fit back together again.