Blocked Drive in Life, Part 2


I was driving home from work. It was so real. The darkest of nights--pitch black--I'm in the car driving but there's no sense of the outside world; I feel almost completely blind. I cannot for the life of me turn on the headlights.
Something feels off, like I am not in the "real world" I know.
I still can't turn on the lights, though I manage to turn on the inside light, which is very dim and just makes me visible to the entities I know are lurking and shuffling outside--male, scruffy, dirty...
I try to lock the doors but I don't trust that anything in the car is working, so I turn off the inside lights and try to drive away.
I know I should be home by now so I get the idea to call M from my cell phone and pull over--even if I don't know where I am we could surely figure it out with recent technology. I end up pulling over to the left of a road, I think, and try to call m but the screen isn't working. Everything is pitch black. I start to get really scared now--I look at the phone and it's not my phone--it's small and black with a tiny button (it looks more like M's phone than mine but different---almost like a toy--not "real")--so I decide to exit the car and realize I've literally parked on a 90 degree incline (facing up)! And I'm almost at the top of the edge but not quite (where I see possible street signs), so I move to enter back into the car to try to get it up to the top, but the car rolls down the incline (I feel in a sense like I'm inside the car while it's happening though I'm also outside), and it disappears into the abyss.
I'm still outside on the sidewalk and there's no where for me to turn but down, so I turn around and try to walk down the incline but I just fall---in seconds a sidewalk appears before me and I fall into/onto it.
I stand up now and it's nearly twilight and overcast and I'm carless, and I think about a block away from where I parked (I sense) but still I am in this not real world. I am full of fear and so so tired and I start crying--I have this overwhelming feeling that I could be stuck in this world for a really, really long time. I walk around a large gated yard/field past a family (a mom, dad, and young daughter) whom I recognize in a moment of deja vu--I think, I've been here before, performing this exact act? I make my way around the corner past them in the direction of the next block where I believe the incline is, determined to find my car, scared at how tired and lost I am, but knowing that I can't give up.