Psychopathic Father w/ Collection of Live Miniature Children


There were two Hispanic families--one with a domineering, psychopathic father who kept an ancient wooden mail-sorter in his basement, in which he stored real live miniature children the sizes of Barbie dolls, and also their miniature horses, locked up without room to grow physically or mentally, for his psychopathic pleasure. I was someone in his family, and we had gone to stay with the other family because we feared him, though I thought he still might come to kill us. Mostly it was in the pitch-black of night. At one point, I was in one of the sister's bedrooms and she was masturbating beneath this translucent unicorn suit that was leaking a florescent blue fluid out of its mouth. The others were preparing how to falsely hang themselves, which proved to be one manner of defense against the psychopath. At one point, possibly in a different narrative, but in the same town, I befriended my old neighbor's sister, I think in an attempt to try and see my neighbor again (we had had a romance in the past). I commented to her, "all the people in this town have enormous mantles!" But the mantles were outside on the lawn decorated with ornaments and children's drawings...

Adam gave in and kissed me by the pool, and very softly touched my clitoris. I knew he loved me back. But, when I went to find him in the crowded pool, he turned away from me and disappeared in the mass of people. I knew then that we had no future. I had projected all of it.

Rachel NagelbergComment