Cults & City Slicking


It was very political. Brigid had discovered her "friend's" dirty history and hidden cult secret, and he followed us on our way out of the city, trying to escape. We were with a bunch of others, and I hadn't heard the whole story--I had little idea of the danger we were in. The night surrounding us was a terrifying black. Fear was everywhere. Brigid and I ran from the vehicle and were immediately intercepted by the bad cult man, Brian, who quickly stole something extraordinarily intimate from Brigid (her memory perhaps?), and also shot me in the leg. I didn't realize I had been shot until I was sitting on the sidewalk, surrounded by our initial group, with Brigid next to me, shocked and frightened, telling me I had missed the most important part of the story, which I kept asking her to tell me, but she couldn't because Brian was right behind us, listening in. The police were all in on it, too. It took the officer a very long time to get us help. Later, I watched the EMT slide the bullet out of my leg from outside of my pants. There had been so much more to the story--so much more I should have known...

Rachel NagelbergComment