Hacking into the Future


I was found out by the school committee that I had been hacking into individual classroom's security cameras and virtually moving all the furniture around with my fingers on a touch screen from far, far away. I would have bouts of anger that would have me crashing objects violently late at night in the classrooms when nobody was around. I thought it had all happened years ago, but the truth is I was still hacking at age 29, and lying about it. I was embarrassed and ashamed.

[scene change]

Audrey drove our car recklessly around in the dark. At one point she tried to make it up this unreasonably angular hill, almost a straight line up, but the car couldn't make it. We rolled backwards and she spun and drove us straight into someone's scaffolding. Lights turned on and a machine crushed up the car to take into the police station, like we were in the future. At one point earlier we passed a line of cardboard car-like moving objects shaped like submarines; they almost crashed into us....

Rachel NagelbergComment