Icarus in Ice-land / Spiraling / Dog Gods


I decided to fly. I flew over rolling waves of white ice that appeared to be alive. I dodged bad men/spirits lunging at me. One was in a truck. I flew higher and higher and allowed myself to, aware it all wasn't "real." I felt the weight of myself in the wind. All the pressure. I flew from grays and blues to pinks and purples and sunny, warm colors, opening up the world. 

I soon landed on an icy beach and saw Jayme, who seemed to float slowly forward, her body very, very thin and straight and gray and hard like stone, her face placid and filled with grief. I motioned for her to climb on my back, and I tried to lift her up into the air, but I couldn't make it far off the ground; I just kept falling, as danger circled around us. 

Christine and I were visiting Tiffany and Phoenix at their apartment with fifty floors. We decided to take the staircase, which was a completely vertical blue iron cage that you had to climb straight up. We climbed and climbed and fear started to grow within me. When the fear got so brutal, we tried finding an exit to any floor, but we had climbed too far and had to squeeze back down through the tight cage, though now the staircase wobbled and swayed, unhinged from the ceiling (I recall in the dream having a memory of Michaelangelo and I climbing this staircase before to visit T & P, having not liked riding elevators). Christine finally found a door and pushed through it. Someone, perhaps Jayme, helped grab me from the constricting staircase and pulled me inside. I was shaking and in tears.

We were on the wrong floor, but it was filled with people in business attire. The ceilings were high and the floor was covered in thick, dark, ornate carpeting. Escalators with leather furniture on each step moved from the top floor to the next floor below. There were conference-like folding chairs set up before a large screen. There were chandeliers. I thought this might be a political scenario. I was wearing red corduroys and knew I would be spotted. Scott was with me admiring all the bulbous, sugary pastries. There was a room filled with large dogs being babysat, and one of the large dogs had a human/alien face, and as I approached him he began to purse his lips and gesture like a wind God to make an enormous sound, but the woman manning him stopped him and shooed us away before we could hear it. 


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