Adam Surfaces


He texted me to come over. My mother wouldn't let me drive her car, even though I knew she wouldn't use it. I screamed and screamed. A group text responded. He was about to give a lecture. I made it to the classroom and waited. I couldn't pay attention, even as he walked into the room. My head kept rolling around. He my have asked me a question, but I couldn't focus enough to answer it. The whole room was blurry. People kept walking in and out of the room. At some point later we were all gathered around a long rectangular dinner table. I was sitting next to his partner. She was glowing and full of empathy. I said to her that I've been wanting to tell her that her presence in his life changed him for the better; she'd brought him happiness. She smiled and thanked me; she knew this to be true. She then asked if she could quote my words to him sometime. I found that odd. 

Rachel NagelbergComment