Urges of Merges


M and I were housing guests we had just met. They were foreigners--French, possibly? A couple, perhaps a little older than us, both attractive, but not too attractive. They were in bed in a room adjacent to our room. M and I were reading. I believe I was naked, but kept trying to cover myself up with a blanket. All of a sudden I felt extreme sexual energy and a feeling as if I was telepathically receiving an energetic communication of bodies from the other room, specifically the man. A thought rushed through me--that I wanted us all to fuck, but beautifully fuck, together. It was not a desire for another, but for a communal collaboration of bodies, energies, sexuality, light. As soon as I had this thought the man was in our bed. He laid on his stomach between us, either naked or partially naked. I knew I had called him in with my mind. This was a man that had a lot going on spiritually, invisible beneath the skin. We were speaking to each other silently, still. My heart was racing. M was not as comfortable with the idea, but he didn't verbally say this--he was open to it. I'm not sure what exactly took place after that, besides the knowledge that the act never fully came into fruition. At some point M was behind me and I felt pain. A video camera crew came in and I wanted to change my undergarments into more flattering ones. Perhaps we were now in a Western bar, and there was lots of commotion, masculinity and also, maybe, blood. 

Rachel NagelbergComment